Water Treatment Systems

Cedar Creek Lake Water Treatment

cedar creek lake water treatment systems

There are many common water treatment issues for people in the Cedar Creek Lake area to deal with.  It’s important that a proper water analysis is done before investing in any kind of water treatment equipment.  Texas Plumbing Pros has the experience to recommend and install the best system to fit your needs.  The issues that we find are most often brought up are hard water, iron content, and bacteria.

Water Softeners

Hard water is water that has high levels of minerals, which can lead to several problems in the home.  The way to remove the hardness is by installing the proper sized water softener.  If you’re dealing with any of these issues, it’s very possible, you have hard water.

  1. Soap scum in the shower
  2. Dry, itchy skin
  3. Discoloring of clothes in the laundry, whites get dingy.
  4. Smell soap on your skin after a shower
  5. Spots on the dishes after washing
  6. Calcium deposits on shower heads and faucets.
  7. Shortened hot water heater life.

Why does hard water cause these problems?

The first 4 problems are caused because the minerals in the water prevent the water from rinsing the soap away.  This is what causes soap scum on your shower and that same soap scum is on your body when you get out of the shower, and your clothes when they come out of the wash.  That soap dries out your skin, and discolors your clothing over time.  You smell soap on your body because it hasn’t all been rinsed off properly.

The spots on dishes and calcification on shower heads and faucets are simply mineral deposits left behind after the water evaporates.  Those mineral deposits also reside at the bottom of your hot water heater and can also clog your faucet fixtures.

Removing iron in the water

There are a few types of iron, but a tell tale sign is rust stains left behind in sinks.  In some cases, you can actually see the rust in the water.  Putting together the right type of water system to remove iron is dependent on the type of iron that exists.  Some times, all that is needed is a water softener, but for other types of bacteria, you may need a chlorination system.  A proper water analysis is needed to determine your needs.

Bacteria in the water

In order to make some water potable, it must first be treated to remove bacteria.  This can be done through a chlorination system, or a UV (ultraviolet light) system.  Texas Plumbing Pros can test your water and determine the best approach to removing any bacteria you might have.


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